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Nokia ; Microsoft
Android ; iOS ; MeeGo ; Symbian ; Windows ; Java

First project incubated by Orugga! A couple of amazing and talented young guys from NN contacted us with an idea and asked for our help to make it live. The venture is an online multiplayer game called Truco which is a variant of Truc and a popular trick-taking card game originary from Valencia and Balearic Islands (Spain) and played in Argentina, among other countries across Latam. It is played using a Spanish deck, by two players, divided into two teams.

We started with an unattended big "niche" in Argentina: Symbian OS & Meego. We´ve got Nokia onboard and developed the online game server and native apps for Symbian S40, S60, Symbian 3 & Meego (N9). 

After that we got Microsoft´s attention and got them onboard for the Windows Phone and Windows 8 desktop app, recently launched.

Finally, we´ve developed the game for Android, Blackberry OS & BB10, iOS and now working on a Facebook app. Users of any platform can play online against each other seamleassly, creating the largest Truco community in Argentina

Results were astonishing! More than half a million downloads just in Argentina in less than 2 months!!! More than 150k players monthly spend average 5 minutes per session. And this is just the beggining!!! Stay tuned as the adventure is just beggining!