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Fintech - Cloud Lending Platform

HTML5 ; CSS3 ; AngularJs

They had an offline process for credit scoring which involved hundreds of human resources to process the requests, profile the potential customers and send feedback. All the process was taking several days, leaving users without feedback during the process. They were seeking to automatize/optimize the process to improve the overall experience as their first step before growing exponentially.


We created a cloud platform with real time for responsible lending by making credit decisions based on historical customer behaviour. The platform interacts with different scoring and profiling providers to get real time scoring in order to let the users know the credit conditions applicable for them. All the process is online and realtime without the need of human aid.

The solution has a cloud hosted backend to admin all the business rules and serves a responsive web frontend where potential customers can apply for the credit.

Our platform allowed Wenance to run a fully automated credit solution with over 80,000 loans underwritten and a loan book of approximately 40 million US dollars.

Fintech - Cloud Lending Platform