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Plaza Oeste - Mobile Shopping Center platform

Plaza Oeste Shopping ; Cencosud
Android ; HTML5 ; iOS ; CSS3 ; AngularJs

Create a fully customizable mobile platform for shopping centers allowing fast deployment and easy maintenance. 

We´ve developed an end to end solution which includes: mobile apps, Cloud based backend, indoor maps, indoor routing, geolocation, geofencing. The apps are fully customizable via backend. All the mapping, routing and indoor location was 100% developed inhouse by Orugga´s dev team.

The solution helps to generate consumer profiles by requesting users to register so they can get personalized content, coupons, deals, etc. Facebook login/registration is fully integrated allowing to get extra demographics.

The solution includes a web based backend to manage almost every feature of the solution. This backend allows, between many features, to upload coupons and deals of any particular store with all the required information (description, terms & conditions, store, etc), update maps, geofencing, push notifications. This could be done by a general admin or the Shopping Center can give access to each store so they can directly manage their content, coupons and deals. It has an optional feature that requires a general admin to review all the content uploaded by the stores to approve them before it becomes available for the customers.

Orugga developed the first fully customizable mobile platform for Shopping Centers allowing fast deployment, easy maintenance and low cost operation. Going to a mall has become much more interesting with this personal mobile shop assistant

Cencosud (www.cencosud.com), the biggest retail conglomerate in Latam, is the first customer to use our platform. They have already launched the solution with their biggest Shopping Center, Unicenter, and many more to come! Exciting times ahaed!!!

If you are interested in Orugga´s Shopping Center Mobile Platform please get in contact with us!

Plaza Oeste - Mobile Shopping Center platform