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Infobae Social Media

Infobae ; Twitter
Android ; iOS

Create an innovative app for a news website integrating social media and allowing users to interact with the content generated by their editors

All the content shown in these apps are public content available in Twitter. We´ve used all of the Fabirc´s kits (www.fabric.io) in these apps. Beta kit for beta testing apps, Crashlytics to monitor stability, Answers to track usage and events, Twitter kit to admin and filter all the content and Mopub to serve ads fully integrated to their actuall adservers.

Additionally, we´ve created a cloud based backend from where editors can admin dinamically the categories and subcategories of the app, create the queries and rules for each of those sections and many other super useful features!

We´ve created a super flexible mobile platform that allows any media owner to create their mobile app in just a couple of weeks and offer their readers a super addictive native app to keep track of latest news, contents and interact with them via social networks.

The apps allow to serve ads through any adserver network, allowing media owner to seamlessly monitize the content.

If you want to get this platform for your business get in contact with us and we´ll give you a brief intro.

Infobae Social Media
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