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Equifax InstaTouch® Suite

Android ; HTML5 ; iOS ; CSS3 ; AngularJs

Transform Digital Experiences. Less Friction. Better Experiences. Faster Acquisition.

We´ve developed InstaTouch® native Android and iOS SDKs so Equifax´s clients can integrate them to their apps to get frictionless funnels on 3 use cases: 

  1. Allow customers to authenticate easily: InstaTouch® ID promotes a more frictionless consumer experience and with consumer consent drives faster acquisition by automatically filling forms with consumer’s information.
  2. Use verified consumer credit data to populate payment options: InstaTouch® Pay simplifies the tedious process of having to enter card information on devices and uses verified identity to present most current, reported credit card(s) information as payment options.
  3. Enhace and personalize experience with better options: InstaTouch® Offers uses real-time credit file information to provide businesses with advanced insights about consumer credit capacity, which allows them to make contextual-based make firm offers of credit or insurance to consumers at the point of digital interaction. Consumers receive qualified offers, with out the reduced risk of denial.

Digital devices enable consumers to do more on-the-go. Consumers expect more from each touchpoint as businesses continue to transform their technology and offerings to accommodate this fast-paced, high-interaction reality. InstaTouch® Suite provides simplified digital consumer interactions with one touch authentication, easier payments, and better offers. More info: https://www.equifax.com/business/instatouch/

Equifax InstaTouch® Suite