Orugga : Mobile Innovation

Case Studies


Android ; iOS

Develop native mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones integrated to their ecommerce platform (VTEX).

We had to develop a middleware to integrate VTEX ecommerce platform so they could synchronyze all their content and from which Frávega can setup specific mobile promotions, banners, sections, etc. 

The middleware includes a Push Notification solution from where Frávega can setup campaigns for their customers.

This is the first native mobile applications fully integrated to VTEX ecommerce platform across the region.

Incredible fast and responsive native applications displaying Frávega´s entire product catalog. Seamless integration with Vtex ecommerce platform thanks to our customized middleware

Screenshot_2015-06-02-11-06-07 (2).png
Screenshot_2015-06-02-11-06-21 (2).png
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